The Winter Work Review

Over a hundred path markers have been put out around the site. However, most of these have been removed so we may need to think of an alternative solution? Please contact the Estate Warden on 07989 478 246 if you see anyone causing damage around the site.

New planting
We are providing a lot of additional planting of native species alongside the new road between Naishes Lane and Sandy Road.

Time capsule
We are hoping that the children from Tweseldown Primary School will be placing their canisters in the pill Box on 1 May 2014. More details to follow.

Unfortunately, the bad weather has inflicted a lot of damage to the pathways. We are currently awaiting instructions before carrying out repairs.

We have replaced all of the damaged sandbags with mortar-filled bags. The mortar bags will harden and should last for a number of years. There had also been a lot of bank erosion repair work carried out across the site due to the bad weather.

A lot of work has been carried out at each end of the bridle path to improve its drainage. During the flooding a lot of the top surface was lost. The problem should now be eradicated.

We will be raising the height of the weir gate so we are able to hold back more water behind the bund.  This is so that we can limit the damage of water flowing from the land too quickly. The work is due to commence once soil conditions improve so we can gain access to the site.

Sign Boards
The signage boards are currently being costed. A meeting has been scheduled to discuss the board’s contents, which our Ecologist will be involved in.

Tree Surgery
The storms over the winter have meant that we have had to stop all our regular tree maintenance and carry out the emergency works.  We had two crews on site on both Christmas Eve and Boxing Day to remove trees that were dangerous and blocking roads. I would like to thank those involved for turning out to do this essential work when they would normally expect to be at home with family and friends enjoying a well-earned break.

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