The Summer Work Review

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Those of you who visit the SANGS regularly will have noticed quite a lot of changes over the last few months.  We have installed a number of new paths and also made permanent paths where they get really wet in winter.  We have also extended the boardwalk and installed a few new gates.

We have been particularly busy in the allotments area and these are now complete and handed over to the Parish Council. We have constructed some raised beds for disabled allotment holders and also put in a water system to allow members to fill up their watering cans. The car park is complete and this will be for people using the SANGS also.

Very shortly you will be able to do a complete walking circuit of the whole SANGS area which will lead you back to the car park.  The map boards are under construction as are the path indicators so these will guide you around the area and bring you back to the car park.  We have some major clearing to do in Long Gut Copse and some fencing to get you safely through the construction site but this is all being actioned at the moment.

We will have to close a section of the Gurka path shortly, but we have devised a diversion around the works and this will be ready very shortly.  It will be well sign posted.

The balancing ponds are now complete and we have seeded them so the grass is going to come through in the next month and we can start the grass cutting. We are having problems with children playing around the balancing ponds so please do not let your kids into these areas as the grass needs time to establish and they are quite boggy.

The path all the way from Naishes lane to the new school is complete and is a stone path so it will be usable throughout the winter.  This will be a good short cut for kids to get to school and hence why we refer to it as ‘school path’  I have also had a number of enquires as to why the new path going through the wet land areas is granite chip rather than scalpings. The easy explanation is that we are not allowed to use scalpings in the water catchment area as the fines leach into the water. We therefore had to get a different material that would be approved.

We have also been very busy constructing new ditches across the whole of the SANGS. The problem has always been that all the water from Beacon Hill Rd and Quetta Park travels across the site and ends up either by the garden centre or the ditch by the new school.  We have had such large volumes of water in recent months that the force of the water has caused damage.  We have now constructed new ditches or cleaned out old ones so that the water is controlled and we can delay it so that it will not flood areas.  There is still more to be done but we are making good progress.

The maintenance teams are always very busy and I would like to thank them for their dedication and enthusiasm in keeping the whole SANGS area looking so good. It really was looking wonderful in the sun last week.

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