The Spring Work Review

Tweseldown School Time Capsules

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Tweseldown Primary School Time Capsules
Youngsters at Tweseldown Primary School in Church Crookham joined forces with landscaping  company the ALS Group to place time capsules in a Second World War pillbox on the site of the former Queen Elizabeth Barracks [now the SANGS area] on Thursday 15th May. Each child was allotted a durable plastic ex-military ammunition container, which they then filled with items of their choice. These items included, a London Underground map, a school timetable, an old school uniform, comics, books and toy cars. The pillbox has now been sealed up by the ALS team and a special plaque has been placed in Ewshot Village Hall to mark the event.

Greater Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopos major).

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Flora and Fauna Notice Boards
We will shortly be erecting four notice boards around the site detailing some of the plants and animals that inhabit the SANGS area. Please feel free to send us any of your flora or fauna SANGS photographs together with any accompanying information.

Allotments area under construction

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The Allotment area
Work is progressing on the ‘Allotment’ area with the removal of the old army fencing.


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Public Access
Please be aware there is no public access in areas 1614 and 13 as these are nature reserve areas and also have deep ponds, which could be dangerous. Please call the Estate Warden on 07989 478 246 if you require further information.

Fly tipping

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Fly Tipping
The site has become targeted by fly tippers. Please call the Estate Warden on 07989 478 246 to report and illegal dumping of rubbish.

Old Army Spider Hut
Do you know where the old army spider hut was located. If you do then please either contact the Estate Warden on 07989 478 246 or email us using the Contact Form and let us know.

How do you use the SANGS area?
Please let us know how you use the public areas of the SANGS site. Please email us and let us know?

If you are a professional photographer, a keen amateur or just a snapper and you think you have some interesting photographs of the SANGS area then we’d love to see them. If you’re also happy for us to include them on this site then we will of course include a photo acknowledgement. Please your SANGS photographs here.

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