The SANGS Time Capsule Project

The Concept
On the SANGS site at Church Crookham we have 18 Pill Boxes remaining from the defences that were constructed during the second World War. These Pill boxes are now historic sites and we have repaired them all and put metal gates on the access doors to make them secure. It was while doing this that we thought it would be a great idea to get local children interested in the Pill Boxes and we came up with the idea of turning one into a very large time capsule. We cleared this with the archaeologists and also raised it with both Parish and local Councils and there was a lot of enthusiasm for the project.

We have carried out a lot of research about time capsules but nobody has done it on the scale we are talking about. The inside of the Pill Box is the size of a child’s bedroom so we have plenty of storage space. We next had to find containers that would survive 100 years. This we did by locating ex military ammunition containers that are made of very strong and durable plastic that will last a 100 years and still be in good condition. They have an air tight seal and are designed to keep ammunition dry even if submerged in water. We have ordered 300 of these.

The Plan
We have linked the project to Tweseldown Infant School as they will be moving to a new School on the site. The Headmistress is Mrs Kim Tottem and she is very enthusiastic about the project. The plan is that every child in the School will receive a capsule which will be their project for the Spring Term. They will produce letters and items to go into the capsule and will encourage their parents and brothers and sisters to include items. It will be interesting to see what they include!

At the start of the Summer term we will hire a coach and each class will be driven to the site and there they will be photographed placing their container. Parents will be given a time when their child will be there and they will be encouraged to attend We will provide some soft drinks /tea and coffee at the car park . There is a possibility of TV coverage of the event.

After all the containers are placed, we will seal up the Pill Box door. It will have an inner block wall build into the doorway, then the existing metal gate with two locks which will be sealed in grease bags , and finally a two course thick brick wall in front of the gate. It may take 100 years to break back into it!

Ewshot Parish Hall, which is right beside the Time Capsule, is allowing us to place a brass plaque in their location to commemorate the date and we will probably ask the local mayor or celebrity to unveil the plaque. It will state the date on which it may be opened! Anyone who places a container and is still around for the opening date will be the guest of honour!

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