Greg Heaton – SANGS Estate Warden

Greg Heaton has been appointed SANGS Estate Warden and will be actively patrolling the site on a daily basis.  Greg will be your first point of contact for information or concerns about any aspect of the site.

Please contact Greg on: 07989 478 246.

Greg operates full time at Church Crookham and is responsible for the wellbeing of 400 acres of countryside. He and his team manage all maintenance and organisation of the area and are tasked with protecting wildlife and ensuring that the public use the site responsibly and with consideration to all users of the land.

Greg is highly experienced in all aspects of landscaping and grounds maintenance and is a fully qualified tree surgeon.

If you see something, say something.
Unfortunately there have been instances of theft and vandalism on the site which is unacceptable.

Please be vigilant when walking or riding in the area and contact Greg Heaton on 07989 478 246 if you have any information to report or see anything that you think should be investigated.

The SANGs Estate Click to download the current access area map.

Key downloadable map:

Green area: phase 1 & 2 SANGS land open to the public.

Green dashed line: Public right-of-way footpath, including wheelchair access.

Blue dashed line: SANGS footpath, limited to local access.

Purple dashed line: Bridleway with pedestrian access at own risk.

Note: Please keep to the marked footpaths when outside of the phase 1 & 2 SANGS land
[see PDF map green background area] as the bordering land is not open to the public.


The Country Code – a reminder
An integral and vital part of the regeneration of the SANGS land has been the attention given to the indigenous flora and fauna.

You may have noticed a number of specially constructed piles of logs and branches on your walks (hibernaculum). These may appear to be unimportant but they have been built specifically as insect and amphibian homes. Please do not move or remove any wood from the SANGS site.

We urge you to follow the Country Code and enjoy the SANGS area safely and respectfully.

Protect the natural environment

  • All plants, animals and insects should be left undisturbed and nothing should be taken from the site.
  • Leave no trace of your visit and take your litter home
  • Keep dogs under effective control

Follow advice and local signs

  • Observe the instructions showing areas of the site that are open to the public and those which are strictly out of bounds.  If you’re in any doubt please check the web site before you visit the site.

Respect other people

  • Consider the local community and other people enjoying the outdoors
  • Keep to the designated footpaths when outside the public access areas
  • Close gates behind you and leave property as you find it.

Important Notice
This SANGS land is privately owned. The new custodians are not obliged to permit public access to it, however, they are keen to encourage all in the community to use the marked paths and designated areas for recreational use. Please visit for regular information.