Summer Project Update

The SANGS project is progressing well and we have achieved a number of our goals during the last few months

The Bridal Path offical opening soonThe Bridle Path.
This is now complete and we are planning a formal opening shortly. The path now sweeps through the area and will provide a safe and pleasant ride for all the local hose riders. We must point out that it is for horses only and is not a pedestrian path or cycle path. We have noticed people pushing buggies on the path and must warn against this as it is very dangerous. Horses may well be travelling at speed so please do not use the bridle path for a pedestrian pathway.

P1120466The Wet Land Area.
The bund is now complete and all the water courses have been redug so we have full control of the water and at what level we keep it. The idea is that during the winter we can hold the water and therefore try and keep the area wet during the summer. The bund is about to be planted and protected with anti deer and stock fencing. After the trees and shrubs have become established this will all be removed. It is likely to be in place for about 3 years.

Re-establishing the old pondArea 16.
This area is alongside Naishes Lane and just before the turning for the allotments. We are in the process of re-establishing the old pond and fencing the complete area. This will be a wildlife area only with no access for the public and will be a wonderful habitat for the local wildlife. We are leaving the old Army barbed wire as animals can pass through this quite easily yet it is a very good fence and protects the wildlife. Please do not let dogs into this area as it will destroy the habitat that we are trying so hard to establish.

Pillboxs - Archaeological department from Oxford UniversityPillboxes.
We have conducted a full survey of all the pillboxes on the site along with the Archaeological department from Oxford University. These are important historical structures and we will be taking measures to protect them. They are not safe structures so please do not enter them or climb over them.

Grass CuttingGrass Cutting.
We are following a laid down system for cutting the grass on all the areas. We have cut pathways across areas so please keep to them. We will be marking these with coloured posts so you will know what route to follow. This will be marked on notice/information boards which will be one of the last things we install.

We are suffering from a large amount of vandalism across the site. The vandals have twice knocked down our brickwork on the culverts before the cement has dried and also have slashed all the sandbags that are supporting the side walls on the culverts up and down Naishes Lane.  We have also suffered from the theft of gates as well as somebody cutting fence rails where they think they should be allowed access. All access points are correct so these areas will be repaired. This is just a waste of resources and money so if you see anything suspicious please let us know or ring the Police.

Increase in deer numbers reportedGeneral.
The areas are now looking as we intended and the hard work of the last few months is paying off. Area 11 is just wonderful and and great area for wildlife and people. We have noticed an increase in the number of deer around the site as they establish in the areas dedicated to wildlife. We have constructed a number of ‘ hibernacula’s around the areas and these are for insects and moths and beetles to breed in. Please do not remove the timbers as that are an important part of the new habitat we are establishing.

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