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What does SANGS stand for?

Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space.

What is the Queen Elizabeth’s Barracks site being used for?

The area of the former barracks has been integrated into a much needed housing development by Taylor Wimpey, one of the UKs leading housing developers.

If I want to visit the area, where can I park?

There is a designated car park next to the new allotments to the rear of Area 15. It will be signposted off Naishes Lane.

Do I have to keep my dog on a lead?

In the designated public access areas it is quite acceptable for you to let your well behaved dog run free. Naturally, this must be in a controlled manner and your dog should not cause a nuisance or annoyance to any other user of the area.

When is the work going to be finished?

The main tranche of work will be undertaken over the next six months or so and the follow up maintenance will continue for a minimum of five years. The land, and its flora and fauna will continue to evolve once the initial changes have been made so we will remain on site to manage the developments, maintain the fences, and keep the paths and bridleway accessible.