Autum Update 2013

GreggHeatonWe have been really lucky with the weather over the last few  months which has allowed us to progress well.  We have started the maintenance contract and will now be working on the SANGS for the next 5 years.  Greg Heaton is our Warden and he is on site full time and can be contacted on his mobile phone if you have any particular problems [07989 478246]

DSC02974bWe have been awarded the contract to restore all the Second World war pill boxes. A full survey was carried out by Oxford Archaeology and we are now carrying out their recommendations.  It is amazing to think that they will now survive for another 100 years and will be some of the best pill boxes in the country.  We are always astounded  at how many people visit the site just to come and look at them and study their structure!  All the pill boxes are now locked but if you want to go inside then please contact Greg who has the keys. They have all been cleaned out and are as good as new inside. We apologise to the ‘gentleman of the road ‘ who was living in one and hope he has managed to find suitable alternative accommodation!

P1120496We have also now got the go ahead to use one of the pill boxes as a 100 year time capsule!   We have invited Tweseldown Infant School to take part in this exciting project and every child will be given a cylinder into which they can put whatever they like, other than perishables . These cylinders are ex MOD ammunition storage containers and are built to a very high specification and have a screw seal at one end. They will still be in very good condition in a 100 years’ time  We have 250 of them and will be handing them over to the School for the start of the January term.  The pupils will be filling these as a project over the term and then each child will place his/her container in the pill box before we seal it up. They will be photographed putting their container in. We hope some of the parents will be able to attend on the day.  Read more about project.

We have sadly had our SANG office burnt down during October. It is completely destroyed along with a £10,000 generator and all our tools and wet weather equipment. It may well be that the metal unit was struck by lightning but it burnt  out over the weekend and was not reported and the fire services did not attend. We are awaiting the outcome.  If anyone saw anything suspicious or saw it on fire we would be grateful for any information  .

We hope to have all the signage in place before Christmas and are just awaiting the final agreement on the wording of two of the general signs.

The clearance for the fencing continues in areas where we have not been allowed to work over the last year. We will also be changing the fencing on Beacon Hill Road. As you will have noticed, a large number of the posts have been stolen.  We will be reducing these down to half their current size and replacing the stolen ones.  [This is the fencing that allows the deer free access to enter and leave the woods as they wish]

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